Heeb Street Renovation

About This Project

We were asked to help renovate a few areas of this property on Heeb Street, specifically the front balcony, the entrance to the house and the stairs. One of the nicest and original features was the natural cut pine wood we have used for the steps of the stairs, we sourced these locally and they have come up great with the modern contrast of the glass and stainless balustrades.


One of the challenges we faced was removing the 2 support beams on the front balcony windows, we had to insert a large steel beam to make this possible and really open up this area which was impossible before. We handled everything required to give this tired looking home frontage and nice modern new feel again. The owners and ourselves were extremely happy with the finished product!


  • Before-Heeb Street Reno
    After-Heeb Street Reno
    BeforeHeeb Street RenoAfter
  • Before-Entrance Stairs
    After-Entrance Stairs
    BeforeEntrance StairsAfter
  • Before-Front Balcony
    After-Front Balcony
    BeforeFront BalconyAfter
  • Before-Lounge Room
    After-Lounge Room
    BeforeLounge RoomAfter
  • Before-Front Steps
    After-Front Steps
    BeforeFront StepsAfter